The Best Way to Increase the Visibility of Your E-Commerce Website

The Best Way to Increase the Visibility of Your E-Commerce Website

Your ecommerce website in Toronto should display a clear list of products. If the site does not have this, customers will be confused about which product to buy. It is also important to display high-quality images of the products. You can also display testimonials from your customers. Listed below are the best practices to make your e-commerce website visible on the search engines. This article will discuss all of these techniques.

Blog section:

Putting a blog on a product page can overpower its ranking ability, so instead, try putting the blog on a subdomain. Doing so will give your e-commerce website two chances to rank. Putting a blog on your website will allow you to engage in a two-way conversation with your customers, and it will also give you valuable feedback in the form of constructive criticism and open comments. The more blog posts you publish, the more traffic you’ll get.

Grid layout:

If you’re planning on selling products online, the best way to display them is with a grid layout. Grid layouts are a classic method for making your e-commerce website visible to a wide audience. In addition to using a fixed height and width, they can be flexible as they come in various widths.

High-quality images:

Your e-commerce website should feature high-quality images that convey a high level of detail. To do this, you must use JPEGs, the most widely-supported image format for the web. JPGs are the best choice for complex images or photographs, as they have an enormous color palette. Additionally, JPGs can be saved in high-quality and low-quality versions so that you can balance file size and quality.


Aside from testimonials, you can also use them to advertise your products and services. These testimonials serve two purposes: they substantiate your product or service’s capabilities and showcase the benefits of your product or service in real-life settings. Additionally, they can show your customers how your product or service differs from your competitors.

Email marketing:

With the increasing competition in the e-commerce industry, it’s important to be visible as many ways as possible. Email marketing is one of the best ways to do that. It enables you to segment your audience so that you’re able to target specific groups based on their interests and purchase behaviors. By using effective subject lines, you can reach out to your audience in a way they’ll respond to.