For no real reason we're going to start referring to our the taco portion of our menu like it's a sports team.  Thanks.

Now introducing the CITIZEN TACO LEAGUE  

The object is get to one of the 5 spots in our starting lineup.  The tacos are the players.  

On this blog post you can learn about what goes into the making of each player in our starting lineup. 

You can also learn about taco player development and find out which up & and coming tacos are trying to play their way to on summer menu.

Read the blog post HERE.  


Winter Happy Hour Specials Are Here!!!

Check out our Happy Hour specials here and click here to make a reservation.

Notre Dame Football

We're proud to be one of the Official Notre Dame bars of Chicago and want to say thank you to all the ND fans that came out and supported the team and Citizen this season.

TRIVIA Wednesdays at Citizen

Trivia fans, your night has returned.  Weekly prizes, live host, questions on TV & more.    Group reservations available.  Email