Half Acre's, Galactic Double Daisy Cutter at Citizen Bar

If a brewery is going craft a "Galactic" beverage, we're pretty much mandated to write about it on our "Spaceship." 

Nobody's complaining though as it is a pleasure to cover Galactic Double Daisy Cutter from local brewery, Half Acre.  This 8% ABV IPA is super juicy, flavored with a lot of mango & sweetened with extra malt.  Yet this unique brew still has the classic bitterness of the Daisy Cutter Chicago has come to love.    

While Daisy Cutter is available year round, Galactic Double Daisy Cutter exists only once a year.  We're pretty happy to snag 2 cases of it and make it available to you, our blog reading friends.  Wanna get your hands on one?  Click here to reserve your spot at our monthly Family Dinner.  This month we have 23 spots available, all come with 1 bottle of GDDC.  

Sidenote:  There aren't 24 spots available because these guys want to drink one of the bottles.  

But us bloggers beat them to the punch as we're much smarter (and better looking) by recently taking a trip to both Half Acre breweries to give it a taste.   We were met with nothing but smiling faces, good food & great beer.  Not only do the people at Half Acre know their beer, they're down to earth and very welcoming.  

We did get to take a taste of the GDDC (pictured below) and yes, it lived up to the hype.  Take a look at some of the images we captured on the tour of their Lincoln Ave & Balmoral breweries.

If you're hungry we suggest choosing the Lincoln Ave location where they have a quality brew pub.  Here you're able to try some of their boutique/experimental beers & food items.  Below are a couple items we had.  

The Highlight: Chicken Noodle Burrito.

Now we know we're not first to the table in writing about Half Acre.  We're just taking time to point out how cool it is to sit at the table.  And you should too Chicago.  New York & Philly are the only other places where Half Acre is distributed.  Probably only a matter of time before the secret is out nationwide...


So get it in Summer 2016 @ Citizen Bar.  364 W. Erie.  Chicago, IL #PLANETEARTH #SPACESHIP 

Missed out on the Galactic Double Daisy Cutter but still want a Half Acre beer at Citizen.  These four frosty beauties are available RIGHT NOW!