Urban Camping at Citizen

Spring has arrived and with it, the promise of summer patio & roof season!  It'll only be a matter of time before we're writing blog posts 21 feet above street level.  

But before these moments were upon us, there was a dark time.  A cold time.  A winter.  It can be a not very exciting time during the winter when your bar is a "rooftop bar."  

Winter Rooftop FUN

So I got the hell out of Chicago in late March and took a ski trip to Park City with my wife and her family.  Strangely, it was warmer in Park City than Chicago...which was nice but it made the skiing not so nice leading us to do the next best thing; Have a couple day drinks & take a tour of the High West Distillery.  

It is here that we discovered High West Whiskey Campfire, a unique blend worthy of a spot on the bar at Citizen.  This whiskey showcases a combination of sweet, spice & smoke.  Not only that, it's straight rye whiskey, straight bourbon whiskey & blended malt scotch whiskey.  Yes, this item has the potential to appeal to Bourbon, Rye AND Scotch loyalists...I said potential.  True loyalists, keep doing your thing.

To me though, that smoke flavor is what peaked my interest and immediately had me thinking that I want to drink this at my home bar.  My favorite items on the menu at Citizen are the smoked wings.  There's also a  smoked brisket sandwich & tacos coming out of the kitchen so it's only fitting that a whiskey with some smoke to wash eats like that down is on the menu.  

Order it neat, on the rocks or by the shot and our team will serve it properly along with a roasted marshmallow so you and your friends can feel like you're camping in the city.  

And a big CHEERS to the folks at High West Distillery, a must see on a day off from skiing in Park City.

Misc note #1:  You should bring the girls with to High West Distillery.  It's not only for whiskey drinkers.  

Misc Note #2:  The pork wings are very spicy.  Like, "holy shit that's spicy."  Doesn't tell you that on the menu but yeah.  Spicy.