The Manhattan Project: Boozed + Infused

For those with a sophisticated palate and refined approach to life, we at Citizen have concocted the ultimate cocktail. 

Citizen's golden child, our unique yet traditional House-made Infused Manhattan, undergoes a long and complex journey to become the cocktail we know, love, and serve today. To truly understand the transformation and infusion of flavors, we will start with the base of the cocktail, the bold and traditional Old Crow Whiskey. 

From there, it is a long and arduous journey this whiskey undergoes in order to fully come into it's own. Starting off with the freshest ingredients, we bring to the table our house-made grenadine, organic vanilla beans, fresh orange peels, sweet vermouth and bitters. We then begin the week long process of infusing these ingredients with no sunlight to ensure the perfect mixture of flavors. The whiskey inherents the citrus, spices, vermouth and bitters, creating a burst of flavor unattainable by any cocktail that hasn't undergone this intense preparation. 

Once muddled into fruition, our Manhattan can be enjoyed on the rocks or neat. Make sure to sip slowly to enjoy the flavor that comes from it's full maturity. From our family and friends at Citizen to yours. Enjoy.