Be Enlightened

Ever since the resurgence of unique mustaches and well sculpted beards, a common question around the bar has been:  "Do you guys have any local IPAs?"

The answer:  Yes, we have Hopothesis, Half Acre; Gone Away, Revolution Brewery; Anti Hero, Two Brothers; Sidekick & Founders; All Day IPA too if you consider Milwaukee local.

And while you may have seen and tasted many of the above items, we're willing to bet you haven't gotten into Hopothesis yet.  So we figured we'd put a quick blog post together to "enlighten" you. 

Hopothesis Beer Company, "Be Enlightened"

Hopothesis began in 2012 and was founded by the Chicago based Chempetitve Group, an ad agency focusing on biotechnology & healthcare.  This crew of former scientists turned marketing guys, came up with the idea of Hopothesis Beer Company at a meeting with one of their senior account managers.  He was a home brewer and was winning some national awards on his recipe.  Their idea, take that recipe, fine tune it, scale it up and see if they could get distribution...and well, you're reading this article so it looks like they did.

We asked Chempetive Group Managing Partner & Hopothesis Founder Murad Sabzali about the IPA:  "The IPA is our flagship SKU.  We literally can't make enough of it.  It's the only beer we have that doesn't have a clever name.  It's the Hopothesis IPA!  And people really love it.  Why you ask?  (and we did)  The recipe (and it's the recipe that was winning awards) is based on traditional English-style IPA.  It's not overly hoppy (55 IBU) and more malt forward.  It's much more balanced and maintains a respectable ABV at 7.1%.  It's not sessionable, obviously, but it really does go down easy."

Chicagoans, these brewers possess the ability to discuss another level of fermentation.  They're applying their scientific knowledge to the brewing process and have created an IPA that holds it's own next to the other Chicago breweries you have come repeatedly order.  They clearly love beer and take great pride in their brands (Hopothesis English Style IPA, Drafty Window Farmhouse Ale, Fallin' Oats Oatmeal Amber)

Pictured here:  Brewmaster Tim Quinn with top Sales Associate Nick @ the Hopothesis Hop Farm

Hopothesis is also a brand that connects with customers beyond the liquid.  You'll often times find this beer paired with a cerebral experience.  On Wednesday nights, we have it on special for Trivia.  People come to Citizen for the games but leave fans of the beer and it's approachable, geeky science appeal.  

So come by on Wednesday nights for Trivia, drink a great beer, put down your phone (phones are off limits in Trivia) and let your pallet & brain enjoy the night.