Mac & Trees Bites & The Superhero Collective @ Citizen Bar

The holiday season is once again upon us and we just can't help but get into the Christmas spirit at Citizen Bar.  In doing so, we've taken one of our most popular menu items, The Mac & Cheese bite, and with the help of a simple house hold cookie cutter we've all used to make Christmas cookies when we were kids, we created the "Mac & Trees" bite.

Though this menu item is special due to it's cute holiday themed appearance & and oozing cheesy deliciousness, it's even more special because we're donating $2 from every order sold to the Super Hero Collective for the entire month of December.

This noble charity's focus is on children who have been hospitalized. They visit them dressed as their favorite superhero while they receive treatment with the idea that if they can make them forget about being sick, even for just 5 minutes, it's worth it.  Additionally, the donate toys to these children.

So come on by Citizen Bar this holiday season for the ooey-gooey-fried cheese bites.  Come for the drinks.  Come to hang with our local crew of River Northians.  And add we're now proud to say that you can come for the kids.

To see more from The Superhero Collective, check out their Facebook page.