Trooper Party @Citizenbar

If you find yourself sitting at the bar at Citizen this winter you can automatically conclude 2 things.

  1. You're not from Schaumburg in town for the weekend to visit our Chicago famous rooftop.
  2. The bartender standing across from you likes to drink Robinsons Trooper.

Trooper is an Extra Special English Bitter (ESB) served in a tallboy can.  This is atypical of English Bitter beer as they're supposed to be poured straight from cask.  But the people at the Robinsons Brewery went out of their way to get this beer to taste right by adding extra Cascade American hops & CO2.  The result:  a creamy, refreshingly crushable beverage that can be consumed by the half dozens.

So what's up with the Iron Maiden artwork on the can?  Bruce Dickinson (yes, rock legend Bruce Dickinson) & the band sought a brewery to partner with to craft "a proper, real, long term beer."  They chose to put a patriotic piece of their work on the label, Trooper, a song inspired by a British battle in year 1854.  Watch the video of Bruce introducing the beer below:

Want more from Robinsons & Trooper?  We do too.  So this winter, when they launch a special edition of Trooper, called the 666 (due to it's 6.66% ABV), Citizen Bar will be hosting a tasting event for this frosty beverage complete with live music and a super awesome tallboy koozie giveaway.  You want this coozie.  

The event is on Wednesday December 16th with live music from the Band, Driven Under.  RSVP to