Fall & Halloween Themed Cocktails & Music at Citizen Bar

Accept it Chicago:  Rooftop season has all but come to a close.  Solid summer everybody.  You all did phenomenal work on drinking craft beers & tequila under the sun for the past 5 months.  But it’s time to move on…

…so let’s talk Fall.   Enter this year’s October Liquid Chalkboard, featuring The Monster Mash.  A cocktail made from one of our most popular vodkas, local brand Effen Black Cherry, shaken with blue caraco, melon & OJ.


Liquid Chalkboard.jpg

The drink is a party starter so we went a little further and had our long time resident DJ Marcus Shadden create the audio version of The Monster Mash.  When you order the drink, it comes with a USB with his latest mix on it.  Music AND a drink?  We got you Chicago. 

The mix is a blend of classic Halloween jams, modern Pop & Hip Hop music.  Perfect for any Halloween party.  (All Clean edits so can get it in at your office)

"I kinda wanted to do more of Halloween mix because the Monster Mash drink is Halloween themed cocktail.  And plus I feel like a lot of people don't do a lot of Halloween mixes.  And when they do you just get the classic songs.  I tried to take it this mix to the next level and play around with song titles.  If you look at the track list you'll see that not every song is necessarily a Halloween song, but the song titles go with the holiday theme.  And I wanted to have a mix that people could play for the holiday at their Halloween parties."

The other cocktail, the Tootise Roll, is Jim Beam, Kahlua & butterscotch served with said Tootsie Roll.  We think this cocktail tastes like Trick-or-Treating and it is to be enjoyed with friends followed by discussions of your childhood’s worst fitting Halloween costume.  And that weird neighbor who gave you pennies.  Why did she do that?

Tootsie Roll Fall Cocktail

This is a cocktail for a cause as a portion of the proceeds from this drink will benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  We really admire how hard their members work to support the organization and we are happy to contribute.  You can too by coming by and ordering this Fall Themed Cocktail.  For more information on the Leukemia Lymphoma Society go to lls.org

2 Beers on this menu:

1.  Ace Pumpkin Cider.  Notes of pumpkin but definitely a cider.  An adult trip to the patch & the orchard.  Brewery:  Sebastopol, California

2.  Two Brothers Ebel's Weiss.  Admittedly, this beer was on the summer menu but didn't make the cut for the fall menu.  But we really like it and we want to drink it when we come in.  So we ordered it again.  The hints of banana clove just do it for us.  So does the 16oz can.  Brewery:  Warrenville, Illinois