Moonshine Sundays

Presenting our newest Citizen brainchild: Moonshine Sundays. You heard right. Moonshine is legal and we will be sipping, chugging and consuming copious amounts of it every Sunday here at Citizen. With $8 Moonshine Ricky cocktails, $6 Moonshine shots and $18 Miller Lite buckets, no whistle will be left dry. Leave your Sunday funday to us.

In addition to Moonshine and drink specials, we've prepared a brand new menu featuring a Bloody Mary garnished with everything but the kitchen sink. Is your mouth watering too?


While you're sipping and dining away, our very own resident DJ and Chicago's finest DJ Kice will be serenading you with a special Citizen mix of country songs. Take a listen ya'll:

Don't think that we forgot that Sunday is a sacred day. By this we mean football. Watch your Bears one of our big screens if it's gameday, or just sit back, relax and enjoy food and libations with DJ Kice from 1-5.  As always, bring your best and worst dance moves and we'll supply the juice.

See you Sunday.