5 Questions we have about your upcoming Company Holiday Party.

We're coming up on our ten year anniversary and over the years we've hosted A LOT of River North's company holiday parties.  As people of the bar industry, many of us are clueless to the perils of your 9-5 lives.  We really can only image what happens inside those company walls given the way you sometimes get after it outside of them.

With the holiday season approaching, we thought we would take a minute and ask you 5 questions about your upcoming Company Holiday Party.

1.  The itemized receipt.  You always ask for it but how do you explain it?  Who questions what you consume?  Is it the accountant?  Can't be the accountant.  Accountants aren't cool.  There's no way you're explaining the receipt below.

2.  Who's going to be the Elaine Benes?  This exists.  Trust us.  Often times someone dances and other co-workers stand back and laugh.  Whether or not this does damage to their ability to get people to put cover sheets on their TPS reports, we will never know.  Shout out for losing themselves in the moment though.  We got nuthin' but love for these professionals and can't wait to see who's got next.

Elaine Benes

3.  The left behind work bag.  We get it, people forget things when they drink.  If there are 50 people attending a company party, one of them is bound to leave a work bag behind.  That's not what we're questioning.  What we don't understand is how do you not come to get the bag for 3 days!?!?   SOMETIMES A WEEK?!  How can you go a week without your work bag?  Or worry about it's contents.  And what happens when your boss is like, "Timmy, where's the Thompson file?"  Do you say, "I left it at Citizen at company party and haven't been back to get it.  BUT, I wore my favorite tie today."  And then he's like, "Nice tie."  Is this real life.  

3a.  The left behind Black Amex?  Dude.

4.  Who's going to be the (unwilling) party planner?  We can always tell when someone would rather be WORKING at work so here's a tip for you.  Get a veggie item, a meat item and mac & cheese bites.  Gotta have the bites.  And introduce yourself to us when you come in.  We'll make your drink a double.

Mac & Cheese Bites

5.  Who's going to give the inspirational speech?  No matter what happens at a company party, someone almost always gives a speech. The words of this commander in an alcohol enhanced environment echoes in eternity... or at the very least, until a shot is ordered, cheers has taken place and a joke is made about how this one is going to be explained to the accountant.